Service Rates

Service Rates

Inspection of your amplifier. FREE

Electronic Labor Rates.
Shop rate and service on our workbench
$60.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.

$60.00  Setting bias included FREE with any paid repair.

Amp Maintenance Improve the life of your amp by replacing power supply capacitors. This will restore the strong, healthy hum-free punch your amp was born with. Get rid of the the mud now. Electrolytic capacitors are rated for 10 years of life. Failure of a single capacitor in your bias circuit can cause hundreds of dollars of damage. At risk are your output tubes, sockets, resistors, and audio and power transformers.

Parts Will be charged on an as needed basis.

As most amps are used or vintage gear so we offer no warrantee or guarantee expressed or implied. Clients are invited to test that repairs are done to their satisfaction before paying and taking the amp out of the shop.

The satisfaction of our clients is our number one concern. If there is a problem please bring it to our attention. We reserve the right to inspect the the clients amplifier here in our shop to confirm that a problem exists. If there is a problem we reserve the right to evaluate if we can fix it.  No cost repairs and refunds in part or in full may be provided at the discretion of

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