offers free amplifier inspection. offers free amplifier inspection.

Bring your amplifier in or schedule a time for us to pick it up for a free inspection to determine the need for service if any.

We will let you know the condition of the amp in general

We will check your tubes on our modern high tech tube tester

We will take a look at the capacitors in your power supply, bias circuit and also the electrolytics in the audio path to see if they need to be replaced or upgraded.

We offer friendly qualified service for tube musical instrument amplifiers at a fair price. We have maintained tube amplifiers for musical instruments for decades and have a great deal of experience getting them to sound sound great.

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  1. Tube guitar amps sound really great. It is important to service vintage guitar amps to make them sound their best. Learn more about how restoring your vintage tube amp will optimise the sound so that it will produce clean clear tone free of noise, hiss or hum.

    Contact Eric at 818 645-1075 to shecdule a free inspection of your guitar amp. This inspection will help to determine if the capacitors in your amplifier need to be replaced due to age. We can measure your tubes to see how much life they have left and set the bias of your amp to ensure the best quality of sound and long tube life.

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  2. There is no reason to sueggst it has no power gain. It may be inefficient by reason of using class A, but power gain it has. Power gain simply means the output power is more than the input power (for the signal). Transformers are usually quite efficient but they tend to have limited bandwidth in some circumstances. A transformer is usually used to match the impedances, or isolate the signal from a DC component or convert balanced to unbalanced etc.

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