Amp Collection

The amplifier collection includes many famous Marshall and Fender amps as well as a vintage Boogie Mach 1

Marshall jcm 800 50 watt

Marshall jcm 800 100 watt

Marshall jcm 900 high gain

Marshall jcm 900 duel reverb

Marshall jcm 900 SLX

Marshall JTM 45 1966

Marshall JTM 45 1963

Marshall 1969 Super Lead 100 watts

Marshall 1969 Super Lead 50 watts

Marshall 1969 Super Bass 100 watts

Marshall 250 watt guitar head

Marshall 375 watt bass head

Marshall Club and Country 100 watts

Marshall JMP Mk II 50 watt

Fender black face Twin Reverb

Fender Black Face Vibroverb

Our newest and most recently acquired Marshall amplifier is the Marshall JTM 1 Watt Offset Guitar stack.
Marshall Model: CSJTMOSH

See the official Marshall Amplifier Video.

Enjoy these pictures that tell the 1 watt story. Click Here

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