Blues Junior to Blues Senior upgrade to Point to point.

Blues Junior to Blues Senior upgrade with point to point wiring. Tube Amp Repair Shop beginning a new point to point wiring service for the Fender Blues Junior.

If you want a point to point Blues Junior call Eric at 818 645-1075

Taking preorders for this point to point wiring service.

Actual time to availability near May 2021.

As we are just getting started there are no pictures yet.

Soon to follow a completed conversion of the Blues Junior amplifier to an all point to point circuit design.

This schematic will be adapted for the new build.


Chassis dimensions

16 and 6/8th inches wide

6″ and 1/4″ tall

1″ and 14/16 Deep

12 ” and 1/4″ for controls

power switch

piolet light

potentiometers (6)

phat switch

input lack